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Basic Garage Maintenance - LA garagepros

My Garage is making a lot of noise, what is wrong?

When was the last time you maintained your garage door? For many Americans the Garage Door is the main way Americans enter their homes single every day, so do not get stuck in or out of your house again.
This article will help anybody keep their garage door operating for the expectancy of its life. We know that life can be busy and the last thing any body wants is to be stuck in or out of their house. Maintaining a garage is for the most part a pretty simple job and you can save a lot of money if you are able to self diagnose a problem.

Starting with appearance the two main garage doors are made out of wood or a various types of metal. appearance in not really affecting life expectancy as much as it affects property value. It is garage-door-panels-620x465important to look at the garage door exterior paint, for wood doors, if there are chips in the wood or the stain is just wearing out, re-staining or painting your garage will protect it from premature rotting. Metal garages can be washed off with soap and water, usually car soap works great, then wax the surface for long lasting protection. According to Bankrate, Curb appeal is known to affect the value of a property, so it’s smart to keep that garage door looking nice

garage-door-roller-replacement-e1343074627605 Look and listen to your garage door cycle through a full cycle (opening the garage and then closing it.) This will give a lot of information to the owner. Loud garage doors might cause a multitude of problems. squeaky sounds from your garage door are probably from any rolling mechanism on the garage door. so take out some grease. WD-40 is in almost every garage and it’s easy to apply and use, but beware, do not over-apply because it can attract more grime. People can also use dry grease, it’s harder to apply but collects less grime and last longer. Once you get grease you should now apply it to all the bearing and hinges. It is important to cycle your garage a few times afterwards so the grease can get to all the cracks and crevices. At this time it is also smart to clean the track clean of dirt and grime.

Garage Door repair in Los Angeles, California

So if you applied the grease or did not need to, continue to listen. Because maybe your garage door opener is the one that needs the grease. Openers come with grease pre applied but after years of use it is smart to re-apply grease to get the longest expectancy out of your garage door as possible. the Rule of thumb is that any moving part on the opener, including bearing should be greased. There are different types of garage door opener systems, you might have a belt drive (the most quiet system,) a chain Drive and a screw drive, for the chain drive and the screw drive apply grease to the chain or screw.

garage-door-opener-e1343078004267A chain driven system can stretch and if you have a chain drive system it is important to tighten the chain, check it every 6 months to a year as a loose chain can lead to premature failure. When tightening the cable it should only have about an inch of slack. to check the slack in the Chain, place you finger in the middle of the line (make sure the door opener is unplugged) and see how much you can push it up it should only move up an inch before the chain get tight. if it needs to be tighten it takes two wrenches, a stool or latter, and 10 minutes.

The tension spring or torsion spring is next, older garages come with tension garage-door-extension-springssprings, these springs can be deadly if they break and we advise to upgrade your garage to a newer system. But understanding that it is expensive to upgrade a whole garage door, tension springs last an average of 5000 to 10000 cycles. So if the average person will do 2 cycles a day the spring could last 6 to 13 years but depends solely on the amount of use, so replace them before they break. Torsion spring are used on most new garages. Torsion springs are safer if they break and will last 15000 to 20000 cycles.

“So how do I know if my spring is good or not?”torsion-springs-repair-e1343064951421

It is easy to test garage door springs. Make sure the garage door is in manual mode, if is not pull down on the red string that connects the garage door to the opener. lift the garage door up only a quarter to half way. a proper spring should be able to hold up you garage door a quarter of the way. but you can tell how good the spring might be if it stays at halfway but not at a quarter of the way. Your spring is becoming week or it need a heavier duty spring or springs. Now if you have a 16’x7’ garage make sure you have a dual spring system as some dual doors come with one spring. One spring is not strong enough for the larger sized door.

garage-door-weather-sealsIf you need to change a spring we advise a professional to change it or at least if the do-it-yourselfer wants to change it we ask to please take the time to understand the steps it takes to replace. Replacing a spring can be very dangerous, so it is smart to know all the steps and use the correct tools when changing out a garage spring.

Check out the weather stripping on the garage. replacing cracked whether stripping will help keep a constant temperature in the garage. Location is important for longevity, hot climate and cold climates will deteriorate weather stripping.

The last tip is to check your Auto Reverse Safety features, clean the lenses of the sensors and make sure they are working correctly!

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