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Choosing The Right Color for your Garage Door

Choosing the Right Color For Your Garage Door

Are you having trouble choosing a color for your garage door? It might be difficult when choosing the right color for your garage door. The garage door among other factors will add to the curb appeal of a home. Good curb appeal could help a raise home’s value for both selling and renting. Choosing the right garage door color relies on the details of exterior of the house. Take into consideration your window trim, exterior color and siding (brick, shingle, stucco, and other styles of sidings), and the overall style of the house (Pueblo, Victorian, Art Deco, or any other style you might have.)

The color of a garage door can play a major roll in how little or how much a home stands out in the neighborhood. The bigger the garage door the more important the color of the garage door is to curb appeal.

Choosing the Right Color

When choosing the right color for your garage door, you need to choose the right parts to match. Try matching the color of the garage door with the shade of the house itself. Matching the garage door with the rest of the house draws the eye away from the garage and can actually make the house feel bigger. When matching the garage door up with the front door, porch door and shutters can draw the eye away from the house itself: however, in a neighborhood where it is popular to paint the garage door the same shade as the front door, it would not be a bad idea to follow the style of the neighborhood.

Stick to one shade while choosing a color. Clashing colors often does not work when painting a garage door. Again some neighborhoods might vary and the residents can get away with clashing colors; but for home value, clashing colors can hurt the value of the house. Keeping one shade of color tends to make it look very professional.

Are you choosing a color to reflect your personality? A home is a reflection of one’s personality. Paint is an easy way to get the style to fit personal traits. Having a plain colored garage door might diminish peoples’ style. Some neighborhoods are full of colorful garage doors that might make it appropriate to choose a louder, more vibrant color. When choosing a color for your garage door choose wisely: it’s an important decision as it is dominant to the appearance of a home.

So if you are painting the garage door to sell or rent the house, or you are just looking at changing the style of your house remember.


  • Choose a color that compliments the color of the house itself
  • Paint the trim around the door either to match the door or the color of the other trim around the house
  • Do not paint the garage door the same color as the door or shutter unless it fits the neighborhood

Whether you are painting your garage door or paying a professional these tips will help in your final decision. For the average person painting a garage door Behr has a DIY tutorial to make the process easy and cheap.

Popular Colors To Paint A Garage Door:

  • Cream White
  • Bright White
  • Shades of Beige
  • Shades of Brown
  • Light Shades of Grey
  • Black
  • Light Shades of Green
  • Light Shades of Blue


Remember the importance of choosing the proper color to raise your house’s value.

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