Find your general garage door problems below.

Below there is an index of general problems that Los Angeles Metropolitan area residents may have. There are explanations of each issue as well. LA Garage Pros hopes to help you diagnose the garage problem. We do recommend giving the LA Garage Pros a call to professionally assess your situation.


  • Base of the door is diagonal.

    Your close limit switch most likely needs to be adjusted. If this is not the case, then attempt to see your door is binding when it is raised and/or lowered manually. Then call a pro to help you make proper replacements.

  • Opener doesn’t operate with the wall switch or remote.

    There is most likely some kind of disruption of the power. Initially, confirm that your motor is attached correctly and in a working socket. If the motor checks out, go to your fuse, circuit breaker, or GFCI.

  • Your garage door only opens or closes if its push button is held down.

    The system can possibly be dirty, misaligned, or defective. You might need to have your system Re-Aligned and/or possibly replaced & cleaned.

  • Your garage door won’t reach the ground.

    In this situation your track is most likely bent, or you have a broken pulley and/or cable. Always have your cable or track replaced when necessary.

  • Your garage door reverses after only closing partially.

    The system may be misaligned, dirty, or even defective. You may need to get it Re-Aligned or just cleaned & replaced.

  • Garage door goes up immediately following its descent to the ground.

    The system may be misaligned, dirty, or even defective. You may need to get it Re-Aligned or just cleaned & replaced.

  • Door is stuck or jammed in place.

    The system may be misaligned, dirty, or even defective. You may need to get it Re-Aligned or just cleaned & replaced.

  • The door is slanted or uneven.

    This is generally from a broken extension spring, pulleys, or worn cables. We recommend having professionals to figure this out.

  • The Garage door doesn’t rise completely when used.

    In the case that this happens you must move your limit switch more towards the motor unit. We recommend that you contact a professional to complete this task.

  • Door is slightly cocked up.

    Could possibly be due to a worn broken cable, cable pulley, or extension spring. Either of the cases you will need to change the pulley and/or cable.

  • Door opens, however the motor doesn’t stop running after completion.

    This is usually a situation where you should bring your limit switch from the motor unit.

  • Your garage door rises slowly or awkwardly.

    It’s almost always your spring in the case that the door is moving up or down too slowly. This can also be something else, so it’s best to contact a specialist in your situation.

  • When the garage door won’t close completely or may be uneven/slanted.

    Once again this possibly is a worn cable pulley and/or broken cable. It is extremely important in order to maintain home security.

  • Your garage door won’t rise at all.

    Either the track is mangled/bent or your spring is broken.

  • Your garage door won’t stay up.

    Almost always has to do with the spring system or spring itself.

  • There’s a loud boom or bang prior to the door’s demise.

    Your spring snapped. It is easy to replace a spring, but it’s smart to be assisted by a professional.

  • Hear a popping noise as the door moves down and up.

    This is generally due to worn rollers.

  • Squeaks when your door moves down or up.

    This is because of dry bearings or rollers. You must lubricate your hinges. We recommend calling a pro garage service.

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