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At LA Garage Pros we provide a wide variety of services to repair, replace, and maintain all your garage needs! We only provide high quality parts for your garage door! As for customer service, we are in business to only provide the absolute best.

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Cable & Track Repair

Industrial garage door
LA Garage Pros can assist you if the garage door breaks, bends, or the cables stretch. Having the knowledge and proper training in order to work quickly and proficiently, our professional garage door technicians in the Los Angeles area can repair or replace your tracks, with ease, in no time to give customers with the quality of service they deserve.
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Each component of the garage door assembly will be put through inspection to confirm working condition. We look at: rollers, cables, springs, mounting hardware, and pulleys. We will let you know if there are any problems discovered, and tell you the best route for fixing your situation.
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Garage Door Openers Install

At LA Garage Pros we are able to repair, replace, and install an extensive variety of door openers. Door openers are generally active between three and seven years before replacement is necessary. Sometimes this relies on several other factors including your daily use and the weight of your garage door.
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Weather Seals

Weather stripping is an important part of any garage door system. It keeps all the bugs, water, and other undesirables out of your garage and belongings, keeping things safe from any weather that you may encounter.
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Keypad Install & Repair

Today, keypads work very similarly to openers. They essentially send a signal through the air and to the door, allowing it to be accessed from outside. We can fix or even program one that you have bought, or install and program a brand new keypad for your garage door.
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Door Roller Replacement & Repair

Interior of a clean garage in a house
The garage door rollers are an essential part of the mechanism that helps to move and steer your garage door. Rollers are the wheels within the tracks, they move the door up and down the track. After a lot of use, your rollers can come off from time to time and even wear out on occasion.
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Panel Replacement

A row of uniform garages with roller doors on a blue sky background.The First thing you see when looking at a garage door is the panels. Most manufacturers of today’s roll-up style doors have options that are relatable to older swing doors. Garage doors that have definitive panel and frame structures are often more malleable than decorative doors. Your material choice may have a large effect on the strength of your door. You have several options for this such as steel, wood, and aluminum for your door panels.

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Spring Repair & Replacement

Your garage door’s torsion springs lift almost all of the load of your garage door; they are also the most likely to break frequently. Most torsion springs can cycle about ten-thousand times before wear begins to show.
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