At LA Garage Pros we are professionals in every aspect of door repair. LA Garage Pros can assist you if the garage door breaks, bends, or the cables stretch. In the majority of instances LA Garage Pros only has to adjust the cables in order to remove the sag, so as to remove most issues. In a few circumstances the replacement of the cables as well as the springs are more longer lasting and substantial, so as to solve the issue.


We Fix:

  • Broken or Snapped Cables
  • Cables that are loose
  • Cables that may have came off of the drum


Out of our large selection of components for garage doors, LA Garage Pros is able to provide our customers with new tracks or cables which we LA Garage Pros will bring on arrival!

Call us today in order to receive a complimentary estimate right through the phone to make an engagement, LA Garage Pros provides 24/7, we provide service in the same day.

Track Replacement & Repair

Having the knowledge and proper training in order to work quickly and proficiently, our professional garage door technicians in the Los Angeles area can repair or replace your tracks, with ease, in no time to give customers with the quality of service they deserve.

If your garage door resembles this, we can fix it!


Track Services:

  • Garage Door Fallen Off of Track
  • Tracks Are Bent & Broken

It is EXTREMELY important to avoid using your garage door if the door looks like it is coming off of it’s tracks, cables begin to sag, or are broken. Over time it will become more of a problem and the repairs will cost more money if other parts break and need replacement. To be safe and avoid a headache and wasting your time, call us now and your garage door problems will be resolved Today.

Cable & track repair services available in theses cities: