LA Garage Pros cares about our customers. Each and every mobile service we offer comes with a full maintenance package, no matter the service we give you. We will thoroughly examine your assembly, searching for worn or old parts that may be a safety concern. We want to mitigate any problems that you may have later on.

garage door repair and maintenance in Los Angeles California

Each component of the garage door assembly will be put through inspection to confirm working condition. We look at: rollers, cables, springs, mounting hardware, and pulleys. We will let you know if there are any problems discovered, and tell you the best route for fixing your situation.

garage door repair and maintenance in Los Angeles California

Testing Balance – This test is used to make confirm that your garage door’s balance is not extremely stressful on the springs and pulleys.

Testing Reverse Mechanism (Automatic Doors) – Confirms that the garage door rises if there is something blocking the door from lowering all of the way. It’s important to establish that the edge sensor in the garage is working properly.

Testing Photo Eye – Makes sure that the photo eyes work properly and can reverse the door if there is something detected. LA Garage Pros will clean and adjust the photo eyes if needed.

Testing Force – This test looks to see that the pressure applied by the door, downward, is at the proper level.

Lubrication – In order to ensure long life for your parts, LA Garage Pro technicians will spray lubricant on the door’s rollers, track, and hinges.

Garage door maintenance Services available in theses cities: