At LA Garage Pros we are able to repair, replace, and install an extensive variety of door openers. After a long time, sadly, many devices will take on a lot of wear due to overuse and will at some point stop working. Door openers are generally active between three and seven years before replacement is necessary. Sometimes this relies on several other factors including your daily use and the weight of your garage door.

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We provide same day services and offer a wide variety of components for your specific opener brand. We can also suggest different brands to replace yours with!

LA Garage Pros Works With Every Opener Brand

garage-door-opener-e1343078004267Are you having trouble with your garage door rising? This may be happening because your garage door opener motor has seized, or has burned out. Sometimes the opener can be repaired, but often times it needs to be replaced. If you are unsure please give LA Garage Pros a call today at 213-

You might want to take a look at our common fixes below prior to calling us.
1. The opener doesn’t work with either a wall switch or the remote –

This is generally due to the disruption of a power source. You may want to confirm that your motor is correctly plugged into the outlet. Check that the power is properly supplied by examining your circuit breaker to see that your fuse is properly working.

2. Your garage door won’t close or open when using your remote –

(a) You are possibly not within range.

(b) Confirm that your antenna is hanging from the opener

(c) Check your remote control’s battery.

(d) Attempt to reconfigure your remote by examining your user manual

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