Most modern openers come with the option of a keypad mounted on the wall of a home, so as to gain access from the outside. This keypad is a fantastic option for many reasons: dog walking, allowing people to watch your house while vacationing, kids arriving home after school and many other options.

What Is Safety Like With An Outside Keypad?

garage-door-keypads-installThe keypads today are quite different from older models. It is not as simple to crack into them as it used to be. Unfortunately, this also makes keypads a much larger challenge to install. Today, keypads work very similarly to openers. They essentially send a signal through the air and to the door, allowing it to be accessed from outside. This is a lot harder, and much safer to break into than the keypads of the past.

We can fix or even program one that you have bought, or install and program a brand new keypad for your garage door. At LA Garage Pros we work with all of the top brands in the industry. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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