The garage door rollers are an essential part of the mechanism that helps to move and steer your garage door. Rollers are the wheels within the tracks, they move the door up and down the track. After a lot of use, your rollers can come off from time to time and even wear out on occasion. If your rollers are not working properly, the garage door will begin to wear out at a much faster rate, possibly causing other issues as well.


When your rollers start to become slow, squeaky, or fall off the tracks, LA Garage Pros is ready to help you! We can help you with all of your garage door roller maintenance and repair, we even provide the best in parts from all the top brands when we respond to your situation.

Roller repair & replacement services available in theses cities:

Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are a main component in an roll up garage door and come in different lengths, sizes, shapes and materials.

Introduction to Garage Door Rollers

Below is a diagram with a variety of different garage door rollers:
Roller replacement in Los Angeles

Determining the right type of garage door roller for your garage door tracks can be a little confusing, especially when you do not know what you need to look for in a garage door roller.

Two primary things to look for:

  1. The Dimensions of the roller (Garage Door Roller Diameter and Stem Length).
  2. Material of the roller

Measuring Garage Door Roller Diameter

Roller diameter size is standardized across the garage door industry into 1 inch, 2 inch, or 3 inch rollers.

Use a ruler to measure the roller and the stem.

The measurements will not be as precise as 1 inch, 2 inch, or 3 inch rollers. A 3 inch roller will actually measure to an estimated 2 3/4 inches, while a 2 inch roller will measure to an estimated 1 3/4 inches, and a 1 inch roller will measure to an estimated 3/4 inch. Additionally, the roller shaft has a diameter of 7/16 inches, which is the industry standard.