Does the garage door have broken springs? LA Garage Pro’s technicians are on call to replace and fix them anywhere near the Los Angeles Metro Area. Our technicians are ready and prepared to fix the garage to working condition so that it rises and lowers smoothly. Our objective is to help the customer swiftly and with no problems. Give us a call right now for a complimentary estimate at (480) 422-1200. LA Garage Pros can and will fix and replace broken springs using higher quality springs.


LA Garage Pros uses springs made up of not galvanized, but tempered steel. We do this to make sure that the springs won’t create more problems for your system by stretching.

Torsion Springs

torsion-spring-repair-620x465Your garage door’s torsion springs lift almost all of the load of your garage door; they are also the most likely to break frequently. Most torsion springs can cycle about ten-thousand times before wear begins to show. When inspecting the torsion springs, be careful when examining since there is a lot of pressure within the system.

Torsion springs on the garage door lift the majority of the mass, and most likely the component of your garage door system that breaks the most frequent. The average torsion spring can cycle about ten thousand times prior to wear. If inspecting the torsion springs, you should do so with caution, as they hold a lot of pressure within the system, and can even break with powerful strength in many instances.

Extension Springs

Perpendicular doors use a different door lift technique with extension springs. LA Garage Pros can remove and replace the corrupt springs with higher quality, new springs on the market.


Spring repair & replacement services available in theses cities: